A good friend of mine has just shared this inspiring little video on ways to keep our creative juices flowing. It is a neat reminder to all of us who depend on creativity to get us to that ever elusive “next level”.

What is your way of staying creative? Drop us a line and let us know.

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Sometimes you just want to do what makes you feel good. Eat a cake, have a nice drink or… write, play and produce a new Memphis blues tune. The latter was the case this past weekend for George Solo. “Memphis On My Mind” brings back memories of B.B. King and all the greats of Memphis blues sound. The video, with its lo-fi, vintage feel, contributes to that.

Recorded without overdubbing, the George Solo’s guitar performance captures that essential “live” blues groove and keep his Nighthawk singing on and on.

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TORONTO, Feb. 7 /CNW/ – Musicline Productions is set to release Marcos Mendosa’s first EP album titled "How I Did It" on February 15, 2011. It features Mendosa’s signature high-speed, energetic rapping in both the English and Spanish language. An intriguing fusion of hip-hop, Latin and rock styles was produced by George Solo.

This collection showcases Mendosa’s stunning flow and convincing versatility, making his songs instantly recognizable. Original melodies are free of Auto-Tune and other "sugar coating" techniques. The result is a genre-bending, urban vibe.

Marcos Mendosa’s "How I Did It" is a mini-album where hip-hop is just the starting point, and not the final destination.  Mendosa will be performing live in select venues in early Spring.

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