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A good friend of mine has just shared this inspiring little video on ways to keep our creative juices flowing. It is a neat reminder to all of us who depend on creativity to get us to that ever elusive “next level”. What is your way of staying creative? Drop us a line and let […]

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Over the weekend, the lasted version of the Cakewalk Sonar Studio (8.5) has been installed on our DAW (Digital Audio Workstation). One of the great features of the Sonar software line is that it allows two versions to co-exist on the same computer. In other words, all our current and the past projects can be […]

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Quest for that elusive “perfect” sound never stops. Our studio has recently seen some nice additions in terms of external hardware, namely tube preams and tube compressors. ART MPA Gold two channel microphone preamplifier is well known for is flexibility, and our initial experience confirms that it can produce a pro quality vocals recording when […]

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