Music Production

Music Production
Music production

“Helping good songs sound better ” – that would  be a brief description of our approach to music production. From a single song projects, to a full theater score, Music Production has delivered professional strength material over and over again.

Our studio is equipped with  selected pro-quality hardware from well-known brands, such as Mackie, Audio-Technica, Sure, Alesis, Tech 21, Edirol, AKG, Yamaha, Yorkville,  Applied Research And Technologies (ART),  Korg,  Zoom and Studio Projects.


We offer both co-writing and full songwriting  services. Genres covered include urban, pop, rock, Latin and World.
As a member of the Songwriter’s Association of Canada (SAC), George regularly collaborates with other songwriters. There is no only one way to write songs, and finding right approach requires both experience and flexibility. While many artist feel uncomfortable creating new material with someone else, the final results can be much better than individual work. Remember Lennon/McCartney?

Artist Development (A&R)

From songwriting assistance, to creative development and promotional efforts (traditional media, Internet, press kit, the industry buzz), we work with talented singers and singers/songwriters to get their careers to the next level.

Custom Guitar Tracks

Let us create that missing fingerpicking acoustic guitar intro or electric lead track to make your song stand out.
With over 1000 public performances and hundreds of hours spent recording guitars in studios in North America and Europe, George’s guitar skills are there to give you that little touch of something extra to your music.

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