In a sonically conditioned room, our project studio is equipped with  professional grade hardware from well-known brands, such as Mackie, Audio-Technica, Sure, Alesis, TC Helicon, Boss, Tech 21, Edirol, AKG, Yamaha, Yorkville, ART, Korg and Studio Projects.

project studio

Our 24 bit computer digital recording setup is based around Cakewalk Sonar software and  Edirol 24bit/96kHz  16 channel digital mixer M-16DX . Depending on needs, additional hardware is included in signal chain (e.g. tube preams, compressors, FX or guitar amps)
Microphone selection includes both condenser and dynamic models from Audio-Technica, Shure and Studio Projects.


Instruments available on hand include Alesis QS6.1 synth as a master keyboard as well as several guitars of different types, are available: a rare Ryoji Matsuoka vintage classical guitar, a Yamaha semi acoustic cutaway flamenco guitar, keyboardsteel-string Seagull Folk Custom with L.R. Baggs Duet II system, Gibson Epiphone Nighthawk ST3 electric guitar, a Seagull 12-string guitar, Godin GL with P-90 puckups,  Bolivian charango, guitalele and Yamaha MIDI guitar.
In addition, several Latin percussion instruments, such as bongos,claves, guiro, chequere, shakers, triangle and maracas are available.

A Few Studio Tips

Rehearse before coming to studio. If you sing, make sure to memorize the lyrics. It is very rare to get a great vocal performance while reading .studio production
Even the finest recording artists often loose some of their maximal performance due to studio stress and pressure. Make sure to practice with 130% of your regular performance, so that when you start recording, you can still deliver what’s needed – a solid, convincing performance.
Define clear vision where you want to go before recording session, but be flexible enough to allow changes, if need be.

If you are creating material for others to listen to, remember that it isn’t about what you like – it’s about what the song needs.

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